FedEx Ship Manager at


Use the Power of the Internet to Make Shipping Simple

Use this online tool to ship virtually anywhere, anytime—even when you're away from the office. All you need is Internet access, a laser printer, and a FedEx Express Account Number to ship from 58 countries to over 220 countries & territories worldwide. And since any employee with Internet access can use FedEx Ship Manager at, you can increase efficiency in your organization by allowing employees to manage their own shipments.

Features and Benefits

Simplify the process of preparing FedEx Express shipping labels, arranging for pickup or dropoff, and more with these features:

  • Quick Login: Quick Login gives you the option of saving your FedEx Express account number and user ID so that you don't have to enter them each time you log in. At the main FedEx Ship Manager at Shipping screen, simply choose the quick login option.

  • Laser Printed Shipping Labels: Enjoy greater convenience and accuracy when you complete shipping labels online and print them on your own laser printer.

  • Address Book: Store up to 300 names and addresses here. Save time and effort completing shipping labels to frequent recipients. Just select a recipient from your address book, and the "ship to" information is automatically completed for your convenience.

  • FedEx ShipAlert®: Spare yourself the phone calls or worries. An email message with relevant shipping information can be sent to your recipient, announcing that a FedEx Express package is on the way.

  • Shipping History: No more storing receipts or manually maintaining records. Instantly see what you've shipped, and where, over the past 45 days.

  • Courtesy Rate Quote: Take the guesswork out of calculating your shipping charges. Receive an estimate immediately on the price of your shipment using Courtesy Rate Quote.

  • Package Status Tracking: No more calling to track shipment status. Check the status of packages any time with just a click of the mouse.

  • Quick Cancellation: Cancel your shipment online with this easy-to-use feature.


To use FedEx Ship Manager at, you need no proprietary software or hardware. You only need:

  • A FedEx Express Account Number.

  • A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) browser, such as Netscape® Navigator 4.06 or higher, or Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.x or higher.

  • A laser printer to print FedEx Ship Manager at shipping labels.

Getting Started

If you have a FedEx Express Account Number, register for FedEx Ship Manager at and begin shipping.

If you do not have a FedEx Express Account Number, register for a FedEx Account Number while at our Web site, and receive it within 2 business days. Then come back to to sign up for FedEx Ship Manager at and begin shipping.

For More Information

Contact us if you would like more information regarding FedEx Ship Manager at or if you have any technical questions regarding FedEx Ship Manager at

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Try the eShipping Advisor as an alternative to contacting your FedEx sales representative or Customer Automation help desk.


FedEx Ship Manager at uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security standard, which is supported by Netscape Navigator® 3.0 or higher, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.

FedEx Ship Manager at validates the account numbers used. Other back-end checks and security measures are taken to help protect against improper usage of your account number or credit card information.

Service Coverage

Carriage of shipments tendered to FedEx via FedEx Ship Manager at is subject to the terms and conditions of FedEx Ship Manager at, the FedEx Service Guide, applicable tariffs, or standard conditions of carriage, copies of which are available upon request.