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FedEx® Fulfillment Services is an integrated, end-to-end, supply chain offering. Incorporating turnkey solutions, these services are modular and scalable - allowing you to design and configure solutions to meet your specific needs.

By serving as your European Central Stocking Location the FedEx Global Distribution Centre (GDC) gives you an enormous strategic advantage in the highly competitive aftermarket and critical inventory business. Consolidating your regional warehouses into a FedEx GDC can reduce your operating and inventory costs, letting you compete more effectively. Aftermarket parts and services have a major impact on customer loyalty, brand building and competitive differentiation. Yet companies miss this opportunity for lack of the very things that FedEx GDC provides — custodial control, integrated information flow, optimized inventory, customs clearance and much more.

It’s simple: Use FedEx GDC to get optimum results from potentially one of the most profitable areas of your business.

  • Order Administration - administers complete order process including pick, pack, and ship and kitting and configuring services
  • Inventory Administration including visibility of inbound, outbound, and static inventory within distribution centres (DC) and satellite storage facilities
  • Order Execution  
  • Hub-based "parts bank" fulfillment with later order cut-offs
  • Emergency fulfillment
  • Returns management

A state-of-the-art facility for optimum performance.
The FedEx European GDC gives you hub-based warehousing for both forward and reverse logistics, with the space, the environment, and the expertise to get critical inventory stored, organized and shipped when you need it.
  • 8,500-square-meter / 90,000 square-foot facility.
  • Same day order processing and fulfillment.
  • Electronic Static Discharge (ESD) protected areas.
  • Inventory visibility.

Service options for every critical need.
As a worldwide leader in shipping, FedEx offers the operational expertise to create a streamlined, automated, integrated stocking system.
  • Inventory Forward Stocking Location replenishment.
  • Order picking by serial number, lot number and expiration date.
  • Order consolidation.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Cross-docking and kitting.
  • Preparation of international paperwork.
  • Specialized packaging and labelling.
  • Customized Web solutions for end customer order entry and visibility.

Let FedEx handle the details.
A streamlined, automated system that provides high levels of accuracy and reliability is no small task. It requires a robust mix of information technology and physical resources that can only come from a global company like FedEx.
  • Shipment monitoring, delay detection and recovery.
  • Inspection and quality control.
  • Timely and accurate visibility.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Transportation options to meet your needs.
To ensure that both you and your customers’ expectations are met, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services makes all FedEx and select service providers shipping modes available under our management.
  • Express — same day or next day.
  • Standard — surface transportation.
  • Groupage.
  • Domestic.
  • Time-critical.
  • Commercial airfreight.
  • Value-added collections and deliveries.

With FedEx managing your transportation, visibility is clear all along the chain.
FedEx® business tools let you track your shipments from the inbound consolidated shipment through to the distribution of the individual end customer shipments.
  • Easily accessible, end-to-end shipment status.
  • Shipment status updates for your internal systems.
  • Customized Web solutions for end customer order entry and visibility.

How You Benefit
  • Increases flexibility and control with fast and configurable fulfillment solution
  • Accelerates response to market changes through flexible, scalable services
  • Cuts overhead costs by outsourcing warehouse and software needs and implementing a variable fee structure
  • Limits investment and risk for companies entering new market segments
  • Increases customer retention by improving the overall customer experience
  • Build customer loyalty and retention through personalized shopping experiences
  • Grow sales with online marketing services, such as targeted e-mail, coupons, and loyalty programs
  • Provide security, protect privacy, screen for fraud
  • Improve customer communications through e-mail, call centres, order confirmation and order numbers for tracking

Managing your service parts with FedEx for optimum control and productivity.
Consolidating inventory at the FedEx GDC enables cost savings, but that’s not the only benefit. You’ll also gain end-to-end visibility and be able to respond more rapidly to customer orders. That increases inventory velocity, turning assets into profits. With the FedEx GDC, you’ll have a truly robust capability for planning and aligning inventories, resources and processes with absolute minimal risk and loss — which will put you well on your way
to post-sale success.

Process Overview