FedEx Ship ManagerTM Lite is an easy-to-you, simplified online shipping tool which helps you prepare a shipment, get rates and transit times and schedule a pick-up without having to log in. All you need is your FedEx account number or credit card and you can start shipping right away!

Why FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite?


  • No login required
  • Prepare a shipment in a few simple steps

Easy to Use

  • Step-by-step
  • Intuitive
  • Pro-active help

Saves time

  • Schedule a pick-up
  • Get rates and transit times
  • Automated status updates
  • Store contact details in an address book


Who is it for?

New or infrequent shippers who require simplicity and guidance.

Compare this tool with FedEx Ship ManagerTM at

How to get started?

All you need is:


Either a...

  • FedEx account number. Request online or contact customer service, if you do not already have a FedEx account.

  • OR

  • Internet connection (56k or better).

  • AND

  • Printer (to print your Air Waybill).

Do you have all of the above?


Is there an important difference between the FedEx online tools?

Yes. It is important to match your shipping needs to a suitable online tool.

For example, FedEx Ship ManagerTM at is more suitable if you need to:

  • Ship multiple packages on the same Air Waybill
  • Ship packages up to and over 68kg

More info on features and functionalities of FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite and FedEx Ship Manager™ at