FedEx Ship Manager at

FedEx Ship Manager at is a web-based shipping application that allows you to handle the entire shipping process online. No need to download software - simply log on to and ship.


Unique Features


  • Ship Alert: Notify your recipient that the shipment is on its way
  • Delivery Notification: Receive notification that your shipment has reached its destination
  • Global Trade Manager integration: Find what paperwork is needed for each country and prepare your documents
  • Detailed tutorial
  • Address verification: Automatic verification ensures all elements of address are correct (US address only)
  • Supported Services: FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International First®, FedEx 10kg and 25kg Box, FedEx Europe FirstTM, FedEx International Priority® Freight




  • Internet access and laser printer.
  • FedEx account number.
  • Register online for a FedEx Ship Manager at user ID.


Getting Started

If you already have a FedEx Account Number, just click here to register for FedEx Ship Manager at and start shipping instantly.
If you do not yet have a FedEx Account Number, contact a FedEx Customer Service representative. Once you received your Account Number, return to to sign up for FedEx Ship Manager at

More Information

Do you want more information on FedEx Ship Manager at Download a copy of the FedEx Ship Manager at User Manual. Any technical questions? Contact our Technology Support Center. Not sure which eShipping solution is right for you? Try the eShipping Advisor as an alternative to contacting your FedEx sales representative or Technology Support Center